Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mythical Horses

Ever heard of Pegasus? Or the Unicorn, which is supposed to have the ability to heal?
They aren't real, of course, but they are still fascinating to learn about. Bellerophon was given a silver bridle by Athena (Goddess of wisdom) and he tamed the mighty winged horse Pegasus. Astride the white stallion, he defeated the Chimera, a monstrous lion creature. Pegasi are spirited and it takes a skilled horseman to ride and handle one.
The Unicorn is supposedly able to heal the injured. Unicorns are beautiful - most are white, and all have a long, single crystal horn in their forehead. They are creatures of peace, and are very intelligent. There are actually supposed to be two types of Unicorns - the Chinese and the American.
Unicorn books:
Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville. I've read them and I LOVE them. You can find them at Once Upon a Time Books in Tontitown. They also have an online sight: The Unicorn Chronicles are about a young girl named Cara who comes into the Unicorn land of Luster and must embark on several daring quests with the Unicorns Moonheart and Lightfoot.
   Unicorns of Balinor by Mary Stanton. This series is GREAT! It's about a thirteen-year-old girl, Arianna (Ari). In the first book, THE ROAD TO BALINOR, Ari wakes up to find herself in a hospital in the human world, recovering from an accident in Balinor. Unable to remember anything about her life before the accident, Ari and her hornless Unicorn, the Sunchaser (Chase), are stalked by an evil force called The Shifter, who has followed them to the human world, intending to destroy them. They accidentally go back through The Gap to Balinor, along with the snobby girl Lori Carmichael,  where Unicorns can talk. The Dreamspeaker Unicorn, Atalanta, tells Ari that she is not only the princess of Balinor but that she must go on a quest to get Chase's horn back.
They go on a daring adventure to retrieve Chase's horn from The Shifter so that Chase can regain his ability to speak.
I won't tell you the ending, but I LOVE these books. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes fantasy, adventure, or horses and Unicorns.
There's another book called THE TOWER OF RAVENS by Kate Forsyth that is also really good. It's about a black winged mare named Blackthorn, a wild girl named Rhiannon and a boy named Lewen as they journey through a dark land with their friends.
Well, that's all for now! Be sure and tell if you guys know of any Pegasi or Unicorn books, or really just any adventure horse books. Thanks!